I Am Baby, Hear Me Cry

I am Baby, hear me cry.
Well what do you expect,
Letting me lie
Alone in my bed,
Filled up with dread
That you might not come back.
I’m having a panic attack!
I’d much rather be
Safe in your arms,
Amused by your charm,
As you look in my eyes
And delight me with surprise.
A smile and a wink
Make me think
Here’s where I’ll stay,
All night and all day,
If it’s ok with you –
Or do you even have a say?
If you disagree,
I’ll issue a decree
That from this point on
I will wail
Without fail
Unless you pick me up
And hold me with care,
Stroking my hand
And caressing my hair.
Happy I’ll be,
Just you and me,
The best of friends
Till the very end.

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